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Benefits Of Hazelnut

In our country, heavily Black Sea region budding hazelnut is a member of the family Betulaceae is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Hazelnut Tree fruit is within a hard shell. Nut contains a wealth of useful oils and starch.

Iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as is rich in zinc. Also in the context of a protein with vitamin E, Omega 3.

Health Benefits Of Hazelnut

A handful of nuts during the day, the body needs protein. Especially in the age of development that children consume nuts regularly in every day by supporting the development of the body, gives you energy. The fatigue of the body and the mind goes nuts known energy by giving vitality. Diseases during periods of healing wounds faster shutdown and nuts consumed the body provides a quicker recovery. Pecans resulting hazelnut oil, plays a major role in the treatment of kidney diseases. Giving kidney and pain with sand stones helps to reduce much quicker and painless as possible. Helps in maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels. High blood pressure patients to consume a large amount of nuts is not recommended.

Hazelnut Cardiovascular Health Benefits: contains unsaturated fats contained in preserving the health of the heart and blood vessels reduces the risk of heart attack. When malicious cholesterol helps to be deducted also supports good cholesterol. It contains Omega 3, while maintaining blood vessels, which could regulate and protect heart health.

Hazelnut can prevent premature aging: daily consumption of a glass of fınfık, 86% of the vitamin E requirement. It also contains powerful antioxidants with vitamin A and C. Synergistic effects of these vitamins can prevent aging. Can the skin lines and kışırıklıkları obstacle.

Hazelnut crushed after mixing with some genuine oil can also be applied to the skin is the skin's humidity and provides it to soften.

You can also apply the violet tinge hazelnut oil. This application will soften hard skin structure, protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays, in this context, nuts can act as natural sunscreen.

Antioksidanlarla full of nuts can play a vital role to protect the health of the skin. Thanks to this feature, the skin-damaging free radicals. Also caused by UVA/UVB rays protects the skin from skin cancer. Antioxidants in conjunction with flavanoit helps in the regeneration of skin cells. Hazelnut especially serves as an important moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Hazelnut skin health contributions not limited this wasn't done.  At the same time relieving acne problems. Hazelnut especially with coffee beans is an excellent cleanser for acne-prone skin. To do this, 1 tsp Roasted Hazelnuts crush and some coconut oil and olive oil (half a teaspoon) of coffee powder, half a teaspoon of sugar, mix well and apply to the affected part akneden.

For hair health nuts: Nuts can also change your hair color. It's usually made with the help of chemicals, this process can be done in a healthier way, thanks to the nuts. In addition to the color of the hair, especially hair coffee can contribute to important to the health of. To do this in the evening before going to bed, apply it to your hair and shampoo nut oil. This application will add a healthy look for your hair.

Fınfık for dry and damaged hair can be an alternative solution. 2 eggs with two tablespoons of crushed hazelnut powder to mix well. And then apply it to your scalp. wash your hair in 20 minutes şamğuanla. With the help of this application, hair dryness problem disappeared.

Hazelnut Helps weight loss: Excessive consumption of nuts will cause a general opinion in the direction of the weight. But half a handful of nuts meal saturates the stomach before meals and dining request.  This does not include nuts as many calories.

Hazelnut Protects heart health: Nuts in terms of unsaturated fats is a very good source. Unsaturated fats, especially oleic acid, HDL and LDL levels has the potential to balance. Magnzeyum contributes to heart health by balancing the level of calcium. Magnesium is more than the level of the heart health threat.

Nut prevents cancer: bladder cancer may be effective in preventing the round-Add. Contains a high amount of vitamin E may help prevent bladder cancer during the initial period. Other than that, manganese-rich on the other ensures that effective against cancer.

Muscle Health nuts: as mentioned earlier, magnesium cells in a healthy way is a very important item to move. That's why muscle cramps and contractions occur it would wipe out the inside of me. Magnesium reduces muscle tension through nuts, and muscle fatigue, spasm, cramping and soreness will struggle to avoid.

Hazelnut Constipation Resolves your problems: Hazelnut is rich in fiber, gene

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