Dried figs sugar carries vitamins A, B, C. The treatment is used as a transmitter andmushil.

Adopted as a symbol of efficiency in ancient civilizations, all referred to in the Bible is the main country Turkey fig. Dried figs, the nutritive elements necessary for human body with energy in the best way.

The best quality in the Aegean region of Turkey fig packed carefully selecting of Dry İncirimiz, TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and HACCP Systems are offered to the consumer the method. The answer is by our dried figs on the manufacturer of the first entry in the Toros (Taurus) mountains of the controls and then stored in our cold storage until the moment of processing.

Factory-aflatoksinli extracting, washing, drying of figs and to extract it manually on the table forming process the figs are packaged and then is passed through metal detectors.

Figs, blood pressure is an important mineral in the balance is a source of potassium. The fact that an important salt yörsan aims at preventing, as well as the source of our food that contains sufficient potassium tüketmeme, is one of the important reasons why hypertension. Figs will close this deficit and prevent high blood pressure is an important food.

In addition, an important part of the high fiber content diet programs, helps to control weight.

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