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What are the benefits of the apricot tea?

Apricot tea health benefits

The problem of treating constipation: Apricot rich fiber content properly due to intestinal motility is pretty good. Usually due to the laxative properties it is recommended that people living the problem of constipation. Apricot facilitates bowel wastes disposed of. Fiber will absorb nutrients; by stimulating the stomach and digestive juices help to food processing. You can also activate Peristaltic movement of the digestive system, fiber and support the work of the muscles of the intestines.

Supports bone health, it is necessary for the development of healthy bones: apricot all finding substantial amounts of minerals. Calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper plays a specific role in the creation of every bone structure. Therefore, healthy growth and development of apricot consumption provides the bone; at the same time such as osteoporosis help prevent age-related bone diseases. (4)

Supports eye health: vitamin A is very important for advanced ability to see. Other vitamins and minerals also supports his sight. One of them is the one with abundant vitamins C and E kayısıda. At the same time, copper and zinc also. Harvard Health Organization by apricot, one of the best foods for a healthy vision.

İltihaplanmalarla fight: Apricot anti inflammatory. Inflammation (inflammation), such as arthritis and heart disease are linked to many chronic diseases. Apricot is to prevent the inflammation provides is very rich in nutrients called catechins. This pretty much green tea catechins help to heal faster by fighting inflammation.

Supports the digestive system: Apricot to rich in fiber is soluble, solve; so fighting constipation. It also provides a way to recover from the food to digest support the good bacteria needed for digestion, apricots. Thus improving the intestinal flora. A single cup of apricot or apricot tea meets the 12 percent of daily fiber needs. (5)

Helps heart health: given the high fiber content Apricot bad cholesterol is quite usual help reduce the amount of. It also is meant to protect the heart. On the other hand, can increase the levels of good cholesterol apricot, keeping the heart muscles thanks to the potassium content in the system, which buttress the electrolyte level.

Source of antioxidants: Apricot is a natural antioxidant. Consumed on a daily basis tend to gather in the body get rid of toxins with apricot, help for. These antioxidants can also damage to cells is very effective for fighting free radicals.

Useful for skin health: Apricot also has vitamin C and vitamin A combination of herbal nutrients is a good skin health supporters. On the other hand it contains antioxidants yavaşlanmaktadır aging process. In order to have a healthy skin, you must remember to consume each day apricot. (6)

Fighting cancer: abnormal growth of the cells of the free radicals in the body and can cause the DNA structure. Free radicals, in the long run, the growth of healthy cells also address migration. But the worst enemy of free radicals, antioxidants. Antioxidants free radicals from the body cleans. Apricot is a potent antioxidant for fighting free radicals. Thus, lung, esophagus and larynx, including many different types of cancer reduced the risk.

Helps to lose weight: Apricot is rich in fiber is beneficial for people who want to lose weight. High fiber content by developing digestive and excretory system in the body metabolism, which helps to increase the speed. If he's trying to lose weight or if you are trying to protect your ideal weight you can add nutrients to your schedule and apricots. (7)

Helps to reduce fever: Apricot tea usually vitamin and minerals necessary for the body, providing calories. So if you are suffering from a problem like fire apricot tea. It also provides body detoxifying. As a result, the apricot is a very useful for the body during firing.

Good for anemia: due to copper and iron content helps the creation of apricot hemoglobin. That anemia disease treatment supporters. Lack of iron in the body temperature changes, fatigue, weakness and impaired immune system. Therefore, it is suggested the iron content of apricot in sufficient quantity. (8)

Apricot tea recipe

Apricot tea preparation

Apricot tea recipe green chanchani


398ml I mean about half an apricot syrup

1/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon green tea

7/8 litres of water

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