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Dried Apricots Should Be What To Consider When Buying?

Dried apricot is one of the nutrients consumed again. But Dried apricots obtained with different methods. Turkey in the production of most Dried apricots in Malatya province and in this province has been used many methods for drying apricots. Dried apricots naturally dry burning a compound that contains sulfites is also kurutulmaktadır. Sulfide containing this dried apricot yellow variety of the attractiveness of the sap has a color and more. The purpose of sülfitlenmesi apricot, prolong the shelf, güvelenmesi and a beautiful view of enclosure is to prevent. Sulphited Dried apricots in rare cases can cause problems in some people. Is is harmful to everyone and excessive sulphited overload sulphited apricot taste reasons.

It is the most natural dried apricot varieties of day kurusudur. The Sun's influence dropped to dry apricot yellow in color with a dark brown-black color. The healthiest dried apricot variety day kurusudur. Must be stored carefully because it is very easy, however, Wolf. Other dry fruits dry apricots need and all you need to do when storing, dry berries Sage (thyme, Rosemary), mix with bags and, if possible, is to store this bag from the fridge. Excessive damp places mold may occur. Dried apricots are a very hard time water retention.

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