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Especially when it comes to healthy diet sugar to attack as a solution, not against the recommended dry apricot sugar requirement can also be used for health with many benefits.


Apricot kurutulurken is taken only water without losing nutritional values. 1 kilo of fresh apricots for about 5 kilos of dried apricots available. For this reason, other dried fruit is much more nutritious dry compared to the kayısıda property. Health benefits of dried apricot as we give a little advice before moving to the information; fresh apricot more sticky with Dried apricots from tooth surfaces easy to brush your teeth after eating when.


Dried apricots fresh carrots, green leafy vegetables, such as potatoes and melons are rich in beta-carotene. In addition, potassium, iron, calcium, Silicon, phosphorus, micronutrients and vitamin C of dried apricots.


What Color Of Dried Apricots Is Better?


We see more yellow orange color near Dried apricots in it is possible to find many different colors of dried apricots. Orange apricot in color protection and to avoid oxidation sulfur dioxide is used. This could cause allergies in some people with asthma. Organic apricots can be found at natural Brown. We recommend taking advantage of the chemical that may be harmful to your health while apricots in order to avoid Brown, Organic Dried apricots, you consume.


Dry Benefits Of Apricot


Constipation: content of cellulose and as pectic light effective laxative can be used to treat constipation. If you have chronic constipation complaint day 8-10, you can reduce this problem by eating Organic Dried apricots.


Indigestion: before meals will be eaten 2-3 dried apricots may resolve of indigestion. Things to consider here before dinner to close the appetite by eating too much.


Anemia: a low level of red blood cells resulting from anemia caused by iron deficiency. Daniel is the high content of dried apricots can be used as supporting products in the treatment of anemia.


Hot conditions and diseases: Apricot juice and honey febrile diseases helps lower body temperature during. With vitamins contained in the stomach, liver, heart and nerves provides support during illness.


Skin Diseases: Apricot leaves eczema, sunburn and scabies can use to treat. The skin irritation due to cold and is known to be good.


Low calorie and fat content to prevent the storage of FAT: with his diet list. Dried apricots consumed on a regular basis can suppress your hunger and your body less vitamins and minerals required for this calorie food.


Apricot when selecting, and Considerations when using


Dry or fresh apricots with lots of different ways you could consume. Yogurt, juice, fruit salad and enjoy different flavors you can produce. Ripe fruits can be stored for two days in the refrigerator. If you are going to freeze if you split and stretch after you take the freezer wrap filming. In this way, 9-12 months without spoiling.


When selecting a surface is soft apricot, plump and firm. Color orange yellow who stole. There is a sweet smell of ripe apricot.


Raw apricot, along with the maturing of the paper bag to put an Apple into Apricot and let stand in a cool place. Raw apricot ripens in two to four days. Press your finger slightly matured when you feel the softness you can understand. Mature or raw, chemical pesticides to purify from the wash with plenty of water before you eat.


Last word of advice; peeled apricots to prevent tarnishing of (usually is a problem encountered when preparing a fruit salad) by squeezing half a lemon into a bowl of water you can take into the apricot.

Dry Apricot Nutrition Facts

100 grams of dried apricot Orange, sugar has been the extra nutritional values are as follows;

A total of 113 calories

Fiber 4 grams

Carbohydrates 29 grams

Protein 1 g

2139 IU vitamin a

Vitamin c 0.9 mg

Vitamin B6 0.1 mg

Calcium 15 mg

Iron 1.5 mg

Magnesium 15 mg

Phosphor 38 mg

443 mg potassium

Sodium 3 mg

Zinc-0.2 mg

Copper 0.1 mg

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