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  • Energizing and nutritious. Increases sexual power.
  • Kidney diseases, is useful in situations requiring attention and power.
  • His grit and stones.
  • The protein your body needs, you can easily afford it than a hazelnut. Nut releasing protein waste in the body, and the body's normal work, helps me fall weaker.
  • Give the children and growing energy and nutrients to provide better due to development of hazelnut.
  • The disease Then recuperating the body and mind, and also for all day wear and for those who are faced with hazelnut is the source of an essential nutrient.
  • Aphrodisiac is debatable however, prostate, high blood pressure, heart complaints from a broad spectrum of discomfort in menopause period problem nut body booster and health protection.
  • Hazelnut reduce cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attack, due to the high calcium contained in the bones and teeth are strengthened, developing gender hormones and incredibly human reveals that energy in everyday life.
  • Body and mind gives body fatigue, force, allows quick recovery circuit.
  • Nuts are found at a rate of 1-3% dietary fiber, chemical compounds the effects of toxins, bowel ta colon disease, constipation and prevent heart disease, lowers the blood sugar level and serum lipids.
  • Low sodium, magnesium and potassium is higher than the body plays an important role in blood pressure regulation.
  • Anemia, digestive and circulatory system disorder is necessary in order to prevent contains iron. Milk and products iron is consumed with the nuts, because there is insufficient in terms of deficit.
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