Dried apricot Export and Gelirinde Increase

Dried apricot Export and Gelirinde Increase

Export of dried apricot season is 8.5-month period in the amount of 55 percent compared to the same period last year, while revenue increased 6 percent. Apricot export is average price of about 5 tons of General Grand (14 thousand 400 TL). Apricot exports 1 million dollars income is recorded as 33 countries obtained.


during the period April 16, with August 1, 2014 2015 39 thousand 777 tons of dried apricots is being exported, 244 million income in the amount of $975 thousand.

August 1, 2015 April 16, 2016 period with 61 thousand 476 tons of dried apricots is being exported, 337 thousand USD 260 million.

According to this; the season's 8.5-month period at a rate of 55 percent in the export of dried apricot, apricot is increased 6 percent in revenues were achieved.


5.3 months of dried apricot of the season in first place in the United States as the largest export market, while 52 10,000 tons of dried apricots in this country while sending, if in Exchange for 49 million 968 thousand dollars were achieved. Second row 4 thousand 995ton export and comes with 25 million $323 thousand France, third place four thousand 362 tons of exports and 23 million 77 Grand comes with Germany,91 of the fourth order 4 thousand tons of exports and 17 million 737 thousand dollars which comes with 5 thousand queue 634 tons of export uk, fifth and 11 million 791 thousand dollars with Russia 464 tons of export and the sixth order 2 thousand 1million 277 thousand dollars which comes with Australia, 2,000 tons of exports andseventh order 66 659 thousand dollars which comes with 9 million Netherlands, 30 tons of 2,000 eighth order export and 8 million 943 thousand dollars which comes with Brazil, 564 tons of exports and 7 million ride the ninth order 938 comes with Spain and tenth order is $1,000 thousand 678 tons of exports and comes with 6 million$940 thousand Poland .

In addition, $6 million to Italy in Exchange for 330 thousand tons of 723 thousand export, Egypt for $6 million to 577 thousand thousand 859 tons 5 million export and in return Israel 71 thousand tons of dried apricots for $89 thousand exports.

1 million dollars and importing countries are as follows: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Slovakia, Canada, Algeria, India, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, White Russia, Ukraine United Arab Eminlikleri, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.


Since a fighter jet downed crisis with Turkey and Turkey products imported from Russia, which brings limitations appeared to give up from the case of dried apricots. According to this; on August 1. in the period 2015 to 2014 Russia April 16, with 638 tons of dried apricots when performing the export of 1,000, in return for $5 million 922 thousand. This season is August 1, 2015 April 16, 2016 period with 8.5-month period 634 tons of dried apricots is being exported 5,000 in Exchange for 11 million 791 thousand USD.


The December 26, 2015 with Russia on August 1, to include the amount of exported Dried apricots 4 thousand tons from 207, during this period, revenue was $8 million in 354 thousand. After 1 January 2016 3.5-month period, 427 tons of dried apricots were exported to Russia thousand and $437 thousand 3 million during this period. Russia exported Dried apricots to the tone as of April 16, 2016, on average, approximately two thousand 600 dollars.

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