Hazelnut in Turkey

Hazelnut in Turkey


The Earth, 36-41 North latitude and climate conditions in the growing tree nuts, most of the coast 30 km inside and a height of 750-1000 meters places product.

Hazelnut in Turkey-breeding regions can be divided into two child zone:

a) 1. Standard region (eastern part of the Black Sea region): Ordu, Giresun, Rize, Trabzon and Artvin provinces.

b) 2. Standard region (the Central and western part of the Black Sea region): Samsun, Sinop, Kastamonu, Bolu, Düzce, Sakarya, Zonguldak and Kocaeli provinces.


Turkish hazelnut are usually between the end of August, with August head location according to the height of the garden matures. Timely harvest zuruflu nut down with hazelnut branches from the place of the silkelenmesi collection. The other is a form of a harvest gathered from individual branches.

Hazelnuts are collected according to the State of the land through the gardens on the same day or a few days later joejean Carpin and Hafez were 10-15 cm thick series of durularak fade in the Sun until brown zuruf pre-drying. Dodge after faith patozla zuruf left of awnings in thin layers on the left to dry in the Sun.

According to the State of the weather including pre-drying total drying time 15-20 days. Of course the Turkish hazelnut drying in the Sun and being delicious is an important factor.


Turkey and consumed as cookies in the world, nearly 90% portion of Roasted Hazelnuts, blanched, chopped, tongue, flour and pureed chocolate, biscuits, confectionery industry, with a sweet, cake and ice cream-made and used as help in salads.

Approximately five thousand years until the wood from the nuts, fruit, known in many places provides greater benefits to mankind. Nut shell in our country, especially in regions nuts produced very valuable and has been used as a high calorie burn.

In addition, nuts from the basket, cane, wood chairs, utilized in the construction of the fence and hand tools. Some species are grown as ornamental plants in parks and gardens. Hazelnut leaf is used as a fertilizer, fruit with zuruf. Surplus nuts oil. Hazelnut crude oil refined edible oil, hazelnut is used as an additive in feed industry.


At present in our country, with an annual capacity of 180 tons of internal breaking 1,800,000 factory with a capacity of 40 tons annual 350,000 processing plant. in the 1970s, 90% of exports of shelled nuts and natural Interior, and nuts as the processing industry as a result of a positive and rapid developments in the processed nuts exports total exports share in more than 30% in 2000.

Each stage of production and quality control systems are effective thanks to the consignee requests literally parallel to the fulfillment of especially processed hazelnut exports each year. In our country, processed nuts, prepared by taking many natural nuts importers-industrialist has its own facilities in better quality than their processed nuts. Today, both privately owned picture need processed hazelnut production within the scope of quality assurance in the most minimal departmanlarınca HACCP analyses attached.

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